Using Social Media to Satisfy Travelers’ Search Needs

by | September 1, 2020

Frequently reviewing your content marketing strategy helps hotels stay ahead of the competition. That is one of the reasons the Travel Media Group social team continuously reviews the content we create for hoteliers to ensure it’s relevant and meets the needs of future guests.

Our custom content often touches on the six different consumer search needs researched by Google and discussed in our recent white paper. As consumers move through the booking process, they possess different emotional states of mind, so our social content must try to cater to as many various search states as possible. This strategy helps hotels attract the attention of a wider audience, ultimately increasing the chance that guests will book. Thus, our social team focuses on sharing local stories to capture guest interest in the hotel and the area, and sharing property features to build a rapport and establish trust with guests.

We’ve compiled examples of social media posts that cater to the various search mindsets of your prospective guests.

Surprise Me: For Entertainment

This post made for the Zion Wildflower Resort is the perfect example of a social media post that caters to potential guests that are looking for a unique property that will challenge their expectations of what a night’s stay at a hotel really means. Those in the “surprise me” search state are going to have a high number of unique interactions and search iterations, so the key with posts that cater to these searches is to be as individualistic as possible with every word.

Educate Me: The Information Exchange

The above post was made for The Beekman Tower, and it caters to those in the “educate me” state who are searching for amenities. Showcasing the convenience of the in-room kitchen serves to answer any lingering guest questions about what it looks like, what appliances may be included, or how spacious the countertops look (since this photo has items on the counter for scale). Other beneficial posts for travelers in the “educate me” state are previous guest testimonials or reviews. Since these travelers are interested in comparing how your hotel ranks among others, sharing previous guest sentiments can both boost their trust in your property and boost future engagement on your page.

Help Me: Prioritizing Practicality

Our post for the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center shares a local article about five family-friendly activities in the area. This caters directly to the “help me” state because common search terms for guests in this state include “family-friendly hotels near me,” or “affordable hotels in Atlanta.” These guests value practical lodging over all else, so including those keywords will help improve your hotel’s SEO within individual social media platforms.

Impress Me: A Grand Experience

Guests searching in the “impress me” state are seeking luxury above all else, so if your property has something high-end to showcase, making posts to highlight them will delight these travelers. Our post above for the Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown showcases the property’s view of the Capitol building and surrounding area. This hotel has deluxe rooms advertised in the post, as well, so guests seeking a grand experience during their time in the area will be more tempted to click this call to action. Bigger is always better when you’re aiming to impress potential travelers searching for something grand to reward themselves.

Reassure Me: Building Trust and Comfort

Another one of TMG’s social media posts for the Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown caters to a completely different demographic of searchers – those in the “reassure me” state want to be comforted by knowing the hotel can satisfy their logistical needs. In this post, our social team included an adorable pet photo to pair with the caption, explaining that the property has pet-friendly rooms that allow two pets per room. Similar to the “help me” state, this information will put “reassure me” searchers at ease, saving them the effort of having to click through the property’s website to find policy details.

Thrill Me: New and Exciting Experiences

Searchers in the “thrill me” state are very similar to the “surprise me” state with one key difference: there are a few more common keywords associated with the “thrill me” state. Our post for Fairfield Inn Myrtle Beach Broadway at the Beach exemplifies this by including the words “these 5 outdoor activities in Myrtle Beach” in the caption. This way, when travelers search for “outdoor activities in Myrtle Beach,” they’ll find this post, which increases the chance that they’ll interact with the hotel itself. Guests in the “thrill me” state are all about things to do or see in the area, and want to know they’ll have a comfortable place to rest that’s centralized to everything on their itinerary. Choosing to highlight local attractions will benefit your hotel if you want to capture these getaway travelers.

These example posts are by no means exhaustive – there are dozens of options you can take to cater to each of these search states and guest needs. Our social media team at TMG diligently works with every partner to customize your hotel’s social experience to achieve your goals. Visit our social media page to learn more about the ways we can help you make the most of your marketing strategy.


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