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Tools to help you manage the crisis and find success beyond COVID-19.

Many of our hotel partners are facing new challenges and uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hospitality marketing experts are working diligently to provide educational resources, practical tips and strategic marketing ideas to help you navigate this time. 

Things may feel overwhelming right now, but there’s one thing we know: the hospitality industry is resilient. Every occupancy crisis we faced in the last 20 years proves that the market will recover. At Travel Media Group, our focus is on doing everything we can to help your hotels emerge from this occupancy dip stronger than ever. 

Browse our resources below to get helpful information on what you can do today to secure your success tomorrow. 

COVID-19 Hotel Marketing Resource Center

Hotel Marketing Articles About COVID-19

47 – Crisis Management for Hotels During COVID-19

In this episode of the Suite Spot, we continue sharing helpful insights and tips to help hoteliers combat the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. Host Ryan Embree is joined by Travel Media Group’s Director of Marketing, Anne Sandoval, to discuss 5 Strategies of Crisis...

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COVID-19 Educational Webinar Series for Hoteliers

Part 1: 5 Tips for Managing Your Hotel’s Communication Strategy

Part 1 of our COVID-19 educational webinar series focuses on updating your hotel’s communication strategy to inform guests and travelers. We share 5 tips to ensure that your hotels’ messaging is purposeful and effective during these unprecedented times. In this webinar, we demonstrate using creative communication channels like your hotel’s social media platforms and review responses to connect with your target audience. We also help you prepare for the eventual market recovery that the hospitality industry will experience as the impact of the virus diminishes. This presentation serves as a great starting point for planning and implementing your hotel’s COVID-19 communication plan.

Part 2: How To Optimize Market Share When Demand Shrinks

Part 2 of our COVID-19 educational webinar series covers what hoteliers can do when/if demand for hotel rooms begins to shrink. We know that one of the most worrisome impacts of the coronavirus is the effect that it will have on hotel occupancy. In this webinar, we will discuss what digital strategies hoteliers can implement to ensure they maximize their market share. The best practices shared in this presentation will demonstrate alternatives to simply dropping your rates. This presentation is a resource for hoteliers looking to get creative and innovative in driving occupancy for their hotel through strategic and targeted digital marketing during these difficult times.

Part 3: How to Offset Group Travel Loss by Targeting Transient Travelers

In Part 3 of our COVID-19 educational webinar series, we concentrate on the subject of group travel in the industry. According to STR, there have been over 200+ global events canceled in response to the coronavirus spread. Those that reschedule are pushing their bookings into late 2020 or 2021, leaving potential occupancy gaps at your hotel. This webinar will explain how to offset group travel loss by focusing on transient, non-group travelers. With these transient travelers excited and motivated to travel after quarantine, this presentation is the perfect opportunity to learn how to target them through effective digital marketing campaigns and promotions.

COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery: Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Tuesday, June 30 | 2 pm ET, 11 am PT

Although the road seems long, every day that passes is one day closer to recovery and a return to “normal.” As restrictions across the country begin to ease, we will see an appetite for travel that the industry has not experienced in a very long time. So how do we prepare our hotel for all of this pent up demand, with Americans anxious to start traveling once again? In this webinar, we will identify who will be the first to travel and explain which information travelers will use to make their booking decisions. Join us to explore what you can do to gain a competitive advantage in your local market and jumpstart your hotel’s path on the road to recovery. 

Suite Spot Episodes About COVID-19

Episode 49: Client Success During COVID-19

In this episode of the Suite Spot, we discuss the stories and sentiments that we have been hearing from our hotel partners across the country who have been impacted by COVID-19. Host Ryan Embree is joined by Client Success & Operations Manager Edwin Pomales to discuss how his team has evolved their conversations with our partners to support hotels along the path to recovery.

Ryan and Edwin share the proactive steps hotels should be taking to instill traveler confidence and comfort in their property’s response to COVID-19 . They know that every hotel’s situation is unique, but with strategic action planning and careful crisis communication, hotels can gain a competitive advantage on the road to industry recovery. Edwin also shares his thoughts on how his team plans to adapt to this “new normal” that hoteliers and travelers alike will begin to experience.If you are looking for help or insight with a recovery plan for your hotel call or text us at 407-984-7455. View the Episode Transcript

In this episode of the Suite Spot, host Ryan Embree is joined by TMG’s Product Director Patrick O’Brien to discuss the role that online reputation plays during COVID-19.

Ryan and Patrick break down the influential power that online reviews are playing in consumer’s booking decisions during this time and the potential negative and lasting impact a bad review today can have on your business. Patrick shares some best practices that his professional review response team has implemented during this time when travelers are paying more attention than ever to every hotel’s reviews and responses. This episode details what the evolution of online reputation looks like as hotels start to enter into the recovery phase.

For help with improving your hotel’s reputation during COVID-19 or to submit a question for future episodes, call or text 407-984-7455.

 View the Episode Transcript

In this episode of the Suite Spot, we continue sharing helpful insights and tips to help hoteliers combat the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. Host Ryan Embree is joined by Travel Media Group’s Director of Marketing, Anne Sandoval, to discuss 5 Strategies of Crisis Response.

Anne, who studied crisis management and has a graduate certificate in corporate communication, talks us through each component of crisis response. Ryan and Anne then apply these crisis response strategies to the hotel industry. They share insightful statistics surrounding these strategies and give some specific examples of how they can be implemented at a property level. These 5 crisis response components – responsiveness, transparency, accountability, consistency, and action – build the foundation of an effective game plan for managing this global emergency. View the Episode Transcript

Episode 46: Action Planning for COVID-19

In this episode of the Suite Spot, we continue our discussion on COVID-19 and the virus’s impact on the hotel industry. Host Ryan Embree welcomes Jason Lee, Vice President of Product & Technology, back to the Suite Spot to get his perspective and insights on this unprecedented global crisis.

With years of experience as a hotel owner and general manager, Jason shares the similarities and differences between this crisis and those from the past, like 9/11 or the Great Recession. Ryan and Jason give tips and ideas on how to reassure your hotel’s guests and future travelers utilizing social media, online reviews, and review responses. They provide some thoughtful advice on how to “stay in the today” and control what you can in these uncertain times. View the Episode Transcript

Episode 45: Managing Through COVID-19

In this episode of the Suite Spot, we discuss the COVID-19 crisis facing hoteliers around the globe today. Host Ryan Embree helps navigate these unprecedented times in the hospitality industry and shares words of encouragement on behalf of Travel Media Group.

Ryan discusses the vital role that communication channels like social media and online review response will play in connecting to both current guests and future travelers during this time. This episode provides content ideas during the COVID-19 crisis and recommendations on how to repurpose your energy and staff if your hotel is experiencing a dip in occupancy. He also shares some quick tips on how hoteliers can begin to prepare for the eventual market recovery that will take place post-virus. View the Episode Transcript

FAQs About Managing a Hotel During COVID-19


✅ How has COVID-19 impacted the hotel industry?
The impact of the coronavirus on our industry has been fluctuating from week to week, with the future being difficult to predict and the current news bringing a wave of concern all its own. We’ve digested the statistics for you, and provided 4 useful takeaways to keep you updated and provide a glance at the situation moving forward.
✅ What is the outlook for occupancy recovery?

Right now the numbers may seem low, but the outlook for the future is positive. We are already seeing a rebound in China, as their occupancy rates have grown back to 30-35% in some provinces. 2021 is projected to be a rebound year economically and for the industry in general, as STR reports that over 50% of polled users intend to travel just as much or more once the risk is reduced.

Our industry is resilient, and maintaining careful optimism during these times can help you keep your head above water. We’ve seen rebounds after crises like 9/11 and the 2008 recession, and we believe that life after COVID-19 will be similar.

✅ How should hotels communicate online during COVID-19?

Now more than ever, clear and concise communication is imperative to help manage and alleviate the concerns of any guests you are still able to serve. We’ve already hosted our first webinar about COVID-19 and have compiled the information into a blog post for users to read through on our advice for better hotel communication during these unprecedented times.

✅ How can hotels serve their guests during COVID-19?

Occupancy rates are lower than usual, which means that hoteliers need to ensure guests are safe and comfortable during every minute of their visit. From offering an upgrade to a guest who may appreciate the space or assisting with local food delivery options, there are many ways to go about showing a guest you’re going the extra mile to help them feel at home. For additional advice on how you can accomplish this at your property, check out our blog post on the subject. We’ve detailed specific strategies you can use to help your hotel be the first on a guest’s mind when travel becomes safe for all once again.

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