Creative Ways to Personalize Your Review Responses

by | April 17, 2023

Online guest reviews are written by real people who have a real connection with your hotel properties. Think about it, guests who recently stayed at your hotel decided to take the time out of their day to curate a thoughtful and valuable piece of feedback for you. The best way to respond to guest reviews is by responding meaningfully, showing you appreciate them and care about what your guests have to say. As time progresses, you may find yourself experiencing writer’s block or writing fatigue. This is common among individuals who consistently respond to guest reviews. However, it is critical to preserve a high level of quality in each review to ensure your hotel’s reputation remains intact. If you find yourself or other team members struggling to respond to guest reviews with originality and uniqueness, here are a few ways to personalize your review responses.


Find Your Hotel’s Voice:

Remember that responding to reviews in your hotel’s voice is always a safe bet when in doubt. Whether your property is independently owned or operated under a brand, embodying that distinct voice that separates your hotels from the competition is a fantastic idea. Think about the intro or signature of your response and how the tone sounds from the reader’s point of view. Keep in mind that the best review responses are those that are genuine and sincere. Future travelers are more likely to book at a hotel that shows they interact and engage with their audience. 


Try a Little Bit of Humor:

Another way to make a great impression on guests through review responses is by incorporating funny or whimsical remarks in your replies. In general, travelers love humor and react positively to things that display that personality. Additionally, being informal and going off the traditional path is a technique that resonates well with people of all demographics. One thing to note is that sarcasm or sounding condescending is never acceptable. Your review responses are well received as long as you remember that guests want to be heard and enjoy sharing a laugh with others. 


Provide Additional Details:

Lastly, when personalizing your review responses, ensure you are supplying supplementary information in each response. When it comes to being creative in your replies, the best way to tailor the message is by mentioning the specific aspects the writer spoke about. This way, the guest knows you are genuinely listening and not using templated responses. The amazing part about this is the guest essentially gives you all the information you need to craft a well-thought response, and this will help avoid mental fatigue or writer’s block


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