TMG News Roundup 6.26.2015

by | June 26, 2015

SCOTUS Sides with L.A. Motel Owners

A group of motel owners in Los Angeles took a case all the way to the Supreme Court – and won! A Los Angeles ordinance allowed police to search guest registries at any time. These spur of the moment, middle of the night checks were invasive to the owners and their families and could occur as many times as the police deemed necessary. According to Justice Sotomayor, this ruling will help protect hotel owners from police harassment.
Read more at the L.A. Times >>>

LPS Conference One Week Away

Want to meet with our team to learn more about our unique line of digital products? We’ll be at the LPS of USA convention next week and on the trade show floor on July 1 & 2. Come say hello at booth #402 and we’ll give you a free assessment of your business’s digital health.
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ALICE App Allows Easy Translation and Communication for Guests

The ALICE app allows guests to make on-demand requests and helps your on-the-go staff to receive them instantly, assign and complete tasks, and track the process to improve the guest experience.You have guests and staff from all over the world, but ALICE can make them feel at home by helping them to communicate. A new feature offers instant translation in over 30 languages, which will help every request to be answered without losing anything in translation.
Learn more about the ALICE App >>>

Unsend that Email You Didn’t Mean to Send

Those prone to accidentally sending emails by hitting ctrl + enter or chronically forgetting to attach those attachments, rejoice! Gmail has finally launched an “undo send” feature. Just make a quick switch in your inbox’s general settings to gain up to 30 seconds to take back any email.
Follow these steps to enable undo send >>>


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