TMG Year in Review – 2023

by | December 27, 2023

As we begin setting our sights on the new year, we want to take a moment to recognize the exciting innovations and achievements Travel Media Group has reached in 2023. Our accomplishments are the result of the incredible work and dedication emitted every day by our TMG team and the commitment to meeting our partners’ needs, exceeding their expectations, and helping them reach their organizational goals.

TMG Releases Brand New Media Kit:

To kickstart the year with a bang, Travel Media Group released the new and improved 2023 TMG Media Kit. This all-new piece of collateral is written and tailored to give prospective hotel partners a clear understanding of the updated and modern digital solutions offered by TMG and our mission as an industry leader in digital marketing services for hoteliers.


With a newly found focus and organizational restructuring to better suit the evolving demands of hotels and hotel management companies, the media kit details how our digital solutions have been adapted to this shift and the benefit they provide to hotels to not only expand their digital footprint but also improve and transform their online reputation.


TMG Launches Social Media Video Content for Hotels:


The TMG product and development department was busy this year, bringing about a significant innovation and much-requested upgrade to our social media digital solution, allowing our hotel partners to create social video content easily. Through our OneView® platform, hotel partners can quickly create, edit, and post dynamic media content to all of their social media accounts with just one click. Empowering hoteliers by using this feature was a primary goal at the beginning of 2023, and our users’ positive feedback has been overwhelming. Keep an eye out for the first half of 2024, as more thrilling innovations are coming!


Suite Spot Podcast Welcomes the Spotlight Series:

Last year, the Suite Spot podcast introduced the TMG Hospitality Trailblazers series, which
aimed to showcase and highlight the people and organizations driving the hospitality industry forward and trailblazing our path toward the future.

The series was such a hit that in 2023, Suite Spot announced another exciting series with Suite Spot: Spotlight. With a similar yet different objective in mind, this new series is all about shining a light on the most iconic and unique hotels in the hospitality industry and showcasing their digital marketing strategies.

From prominent features such as the SLS South Beach Hotel in Miami, to The Chatwal, New York in Manhattan, or the Marriott Cancun, an All-Inclusive Resort, as the first property from Latin America to be on the Suite Spot, it has been a monumental year for the podcast.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes as these two series continue in tandem to bring listeners the best hospitality content out there. 


Travel Media Group Increases Digital Footprint on TikTok:

Who would we be if TMG didn’t get in on the video content creation happening all over TikTok?With us launching video content for our hotel partners earlier this year, it is only right that we join in on the video fun by creating the official TMG TikTok page.


With several videos already published on the TMG TikTok page, followers can expect to watch informative yet entertaining content, including clips from virtual events, industry tradeshows, interviews with the biggest names in hospitality, and podcast clips.  


What to Look Forward to in 2024:


With the new year on the horizon and the hospitality industry experiencing tremendous growth, we anticipate that more and more hoteliers will be looking for additional ways to engage with their guests and increase hotel bookings through digital channels. Travel Media Group is positioned and ready to help hotels and hotel management companies realize their full digital potential by delivering solutions that fit their strategic needs and enhancing their online reputation, leading to higher online engagement and response time. The future is bright, and we look forward to welcoming you as a TMG partner in the new year.