Top 4 Ways To Find Viral Social Media Trends For Hotels

by | April 21, 2023

Finding innovative ways to go viral can be a very unique and lengthy process for hoteliers. After all, social media is a vast landscape that changes rapidly with a multitude of content for viewers. Many hoteliers do not know what trends to look for or where to find them. It is important to stay current on popular social trends because it is a great way to reach new travel audiences and increase bookings at your hotels. Luckily, there are a few effective ways to find viral social media trends for hotels and how to leverage them to promote your properties. 


Popular/Trending Pages:

One feature that all social platforms offer is a trending or popular page that hosts content that is performing very well in terms of engagement and views. This page is perfect for finding viral trends from which you can draw inspiration because it serves as a one-stop shop for all viral pictures and videos. As a hotelier, you can leverage this page by incorporating common trends like dancing, songs, memes, or skits that you uncover here in your digital marketing initiatives. Travelers tend to research content that is relevant and engage with posts that they are familiar with. Thanks to this helpful social media feature, social creativity is endless and more accessible than ever.


Tags & Hashtags: 

Another fantastic technique you can utilize is searching specific hashtags or tags on social media sites. Hashtags allow you to quickly find posts that include topics you are actively looking for. For example, frequently used hashtags in the hospitality industry include the following:

  • #Hospitality
  • #Hotelindustry
  • #Hotels
  • #HotelMarketing
  • #TravelandToursim

Additionally, you should encourage your guests to tag your hotels in their social media posts. This tactic is mutually beneficial because your hotels will receive more social exposure and awareness while guests receive incentives and a feeling of community. By providing more ways for travelers to interact with your hotels, you achieve more guest feedback much faster. Timely feedback is crucial to your business because it lets you stay ahead of changing guest needs and one step ahead of the competition. 


There is no “I” in Team:

Number 3 on the list to find viral trends is involving your staff members in your social media initiatives. Getting insight and content suggestions from your team is a valuable resource because they may already possess knowledge of what current social trends are going around. Hotel team members also do an excellent job at being in your social videos and pictures as they give a face to your brand, which assists with brand relatability and connection. 


Get Some Expert Help:

Lastly, getting assistance from digital marketing companies can aid you in seeking out popular social media trends. These companies specialize in being the experts on all things social media and creating grade-A social content for your digital marketing projects. 

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