What’s the Difference Between a Brand vs. a Vanity Hotel Website?

by | April 17, 2019 | Websites

Brand vs. Vanity Hotel Website

Hotel websites should always be a place where hoteliers always aim to convert travelers into guests.

If you're operating a branded hotel, you most likely have a dedicated page on your brand's website. While the exposure is great, it is the same type of exposure that the other hotels within that brand are receiving. In today's hospitality industry, hotels need more than standard marketing in order to stand out among their competitors.

In this post, you'll learn more about how you can increase your direct bookings and rank on search engines by having a vanity hotel website.

Brand-Website Limitations

Don't limit your online marketing efforts.

The great thing about joining a hotel brand is that you get to benefit from their marketing services. While they are great, you are often receiving the same service as others within that brand. When travelers visit a brand website and search by location, your hotel will appear among the listings. That means that by design, you still have to compete with other branded hotels in your market. Also, hotel brands typically do not give hoteliers the liberty to write their own descriptions or have a say in what goes on the website. Or, if your brand allows you to customize the messaging, the process of submitting change requests and waiting for updates can take weeks or months. It's important to be able to update your website regularly with messaging that's unique to your property. After all, you know your hotel and the location best.

Brand vs. Vanity chart

What Vanity Websites Offer

Your website is your hotel's canvas.

While exposure on a brand website will help you gain booking from brand-loyal travelers, it's important to diversify your strategy. A great way to achieve this goal is to set up a vanity website that can pull in travelers and turn them into satisfied guests. Most importantly, your hotel website should express your hotel's true marketing message. Additionally, having a vanity website gives you the ability to modify the site's copy and photos at a much faster rate than a brand site would. It allows you to add all of these personalized touches to your site without jumping hurdles.

Also, having a vanity site gives your hotel the opportunity to emphasize your social media channels. More often than not, brand sites will only have their brand's social media promoted onto the site they provide you with. A vanity site can help promote your hotel's very own social media and vice versa. This will further encourage travelers to book at your hotel.

Another way vanity sites can help drive more travelers to your hotel is to maintain the best SEO practices. This means that having a vanity site can help boost your hotel's visibility to travelers when they search for hotels in your area. Ranking high on top search engines like Google should always be a top priority. Having a vanity website allows you to showcase your hotel apart from market competitors within your brand. The last thing you'd want is a traveler booking with your competitor because your site doesn't stand out.

What can you do?

Taking the next step.

Here at Travel Media Group, we can implement all of these online marketing strategies on a vanity website for your hotel. Our websites have no set-up fee and it's easy to request changes or view analytics in TMG OneView™. We understand that many hoteliers are looking for the next best way to target travelers. With that said, we invite you to look into our Hotel Websites solution.

We look forward to helping you increase direct bookings, reach more travelers, increase website traffic and express your message through your hotel's very own vanity website.



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