How Your Reputation Paints a Picture

by | February 7, 2019

Every public review online paints a picture of your hotel in the eyes of prospective travelers. But how do you make sure it is the image that you want your customers to see? In this webinar we will reveal what travelers really see when researching your hotel online and how to make sure your hotel’s reputation is picture perfect in the eyes of travelers.

1. Hotel Website

With the rise of the internet, it is important to use your hotel’s website as a channel for converting travelers to guests. Better yet, if a traveler is at your site, they’re just a click away from making a direct booking to your property. The more travelers book this way, the less commission you have to pay to cover the costs of high OTA fees.

Key Points to a Successful Website

  • High-Definition Photos & Videos
  • Inviting Descriptions
  • Strong Call-to-Actions
  • Relevant Content

2. Online Listings

One thing to keep in mind is that there are other ways in which your hotel’s information may be presented, other than your website. You want to make sure that no matter which listing sites travelers access your site’s information, they are all updated. The last thing you want to do is paint a beautiful picture of your hotel your website, but have old or outdated information and content on other listing sites.

3. Hotel Reviews

We conducted a poll with our webinar attendees and discovered that they find reviews to be the most difficult to conquer when trying to paint a true impression of their hotel.

Webinar QuickPoll

Bad reviews can be detrimental to a hotel’s success. One thing to make sure is that you are receiving positive reviews across all review sites. Keep in mind that not all travelers search the same one way.

80% of visitors read 6-12 reviews before making a decision to stay

One guest may prefer to search reviews through Google, while another prefers TripAdvisor or Facebook. Some may look at all of those before making a decision. Prospective guests love searching for hotel reviews because it provides them with an opportunity to view the hotel through the eyes of a fellow traveler. Managing these reviews are paramount to your hotel’s success.

4. Social Media

Now, social media is where travelers get an abundance of impressions about your hotel. Here, travelers can see your property’s photos, reviews, and comments. Just like your website, you should make it a goal to update your social sites with the latest updates to your hotel. Keep in mind, if your hotel gets a social buzz going and travelers are posting about their great stay in your hotel, their posts can influence prospective travelers who are heading to your area in the near future.

Social Sites that Influence Travel

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Also, Facebook makes unofficial pages for hotels that are receiving a lot of social engagement. Sometimes, most hoteliers don’t even know that these are out there, and if they do, they don’t know how to get access to it. Right off the bat, you want to make sure that your Facebook Page being clicked on is the one you created, built or got access to.

5. Review Responses

Ultimately, when guests are looking into reviews and comments from other travelers who have stayed at your hotel, it is important that they see you are responding to guests’ needs. The way you respond to reviews can also determine their hotel selecting decisions. Nowadays, a generic “thank you response” won’t cut it. Be sure that you are responding thoughtfully and presenting solutions for any issues that were presented. You want to show your future guests that they will be taken care of when staying at your hotel.


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