Beekman Tower, New York, NY

All-Encompassing Reputation Solutions Help New York Hotel’s TripAdvisor Ranking Soar

Positioned in East Midtown, Manhattan Beekman Tower is close to many of New York’s top attractions. With options for any length of stay for guests, attractive amenities, and a top-rated rooftop bar, their hotel has no shortage of reasons for guests to choose their hotel. That makes it all the more important to keep a constant eye on their digital marketing strategies. Partnering with Travel Media Group allowed Beekman Tower to continue focusing on their modern-classic experience and looking after their valued guests.

Since starting, Beekman Tower achieved:


90-Rank Increase on TripAdvisor


Over 700 Positive Reviews

25% More Positive Review Scores vs. Market Average

Communicating Updates Through Review Response

Interior hotel room

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Beekman Tower implemented a brand new experience at their hotel: the “RESIDE Right” initiative. This initiative focused on heightened cleanliness, requiring additional training for their employees and investment around the property. As a result, the staff had less time to devote to review response – and with the industry’s recovery continuing to improve, they could rely on Travel Media Group to handle review response effortlessly.

Within TMG OneView®, Beekman Tower staff can quickly update review response guidelines, giving TMG’s professional writers a clear, consistent idea of current policies to ensure every response accurately assures each guest of the current and future plans for cleanliness initiatives.

Positive Reviews

Average Review Rating

Hours Avg. Response Time

Engaging Guests Using Social Media

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps for a reason. To compete effectively in such a fast-paced market, hotels like the Beekman Tower need to maintain a consistent social media presence. Taking time out of the day to make social media posts is not feasible for hotel owners and staff, so Travel Media Group’s Social Media solution was the clear choice to supplement that need.

With posts shared across 4 top social media platforms multiple times per week, Beekman Tower earns thousands of impressions and reach monthly. However, they need more than simple posts about their rooms or amenities. Travel Media Group’s savvy social media team helped them get creative, helping them develop the variety that social media demands, leading to boosted engagement.

This post, advertising their rooftop lounge, drew a large number of impressions as a result of the reference to the classic history Beekman Tower champions. In referencing Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. enjoying the sights from the 26th floor, potential travelers could connect with the story, urging them to book so they could put themselves in Sinatra or Davis Jr.’s shoes.

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 9.13.31 AM

Posts sharing activities in the area are popular for hotels in cities or near national parks, and Travel Media Group incorporated these into Beekman Tower’s posting schedule, as well. These posts helped Beekman Tower maintain a constant presence online, further inspiring guests to pick their property over competitors as they scroll through the article.

Celebrating holidays is a cornerstone for every social media strategy. Travel Media Group ensured Beekman Tower didn’t miss a beat, posting high-engagement and high-impression earning posts for every significant holiday on the calendar. When potential guests scrolled their phones over the holidays, they remained interested in Beekman Tower’s page online, putting the property front and center as travelers moved from dreaming to planning their next vacation.

Avg. Post Impressions

Avg. Post Reach

Avg. Post Clicks

Vastly Improving Rank with Reputation Management


For many hotels in highly populated metropolitan areas, competing on review sites such as TripAdvisor may seem like a continually uphill battle. However, with Travel Media Group’s advanced reporting capabilities and comprehensive competitor tracking, Beekman Tower soared up 90 spots in their local rankings in New York City. TMG’s reputation management encourages happy guests to leave reviews online through a customizable post-stay email program. Using post-stay surveys, Beekman Tower could direct hundreds of satisfied guests to review sites to increase their review flow; this led to the hotel having 45% of the total market share of reviews. Additionally, surveys encourage customers who had negative experiences to reach out to the hotel directly, reducing the impact of negative reviews on their reputation.

All of Travel Media Group’s reputation management services can be accessed using TMG OneView®, the industry-leading platform that aggregates all of the hotel’s data into one easy-to-read dashboard.


Ownership of Market Share Reviews

Guest Feedback Surveys Collected


Higher Review Score vs. Internal Survey Score


TMG is great to work with! They upped our TripAdvisor ranking 90 spots! It’s great to have a dedicated team craft expert social media posts and respond to reviews in a professional and timely manner. Their follow-up with the property is always timely and professional.

Sara Dubow
Beekman Tower

TMG Is “Great to Work With!”

With efficient review response, exceptional social media posts, and comprehensive reputation management, Beekman Tower was able to experience success across the board. They also receive best-in-class customer support from TMG’s dedicated Client Success representatives, who regularly follow up with the property to discuss strategies and progress across every solution.

Even during the most challenging year in hospitality, the exceptional support from TMG allowed Beekman Tower to focus on their staff and property, improving their guest experience and earning more positive reviews.

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