Hotel Eleganté, Colorado Springs, CO

Comprehensive Reputation Management Partnership Leads to Lift in TripAdvisor Ranking

With beautiful mountains just a breath away, Colorado Springs is a popular destination for travelers seeking to make the most of their outdoor experience. Hotels in the area need to maintain a competitive edge to rise in the rank and be seen as the ideal choice for their valued guests. Hotel Eleganté boasted pet-friendly rooms and beautiful conference and event spaces at their property, but they needed an extra boost for their reputation to capture the attention of potential guests. Their partnership with Travel Media Group began in August 2019, and in a mere 10 months, they’ve seen growth in their hotel’s reputation and earned time back to spend with their guests at the property.

Since starting, Hotel Eleganté achieved:


A 25-rank increase on TripAdvisor


Over 4,000 positive reviews

18% Higher Review Score vs. Internal Survey Score

Connecting with Guests Through Review Response

Interior hotel room

At first, Hotel Eleganté had four assigned employees that would work with online review responses. Each employee would spend between three and seven hours each responding to reviews each month. That means that for as many as 28 hours per month, employees were sitting at computers and handling the hotel’s reputation online, where they could have been devoting that energy to guests on-site. Once partnered with our experts in professional review response writing, those 28 hours were opened up, allowing employees to spend valuable time with their guests. With the time restored, guest concerns are addressed more efficiently, meaning guests can enjoy a more catered experience. Meanwhile, our Respond & Resolve™ team handled guest reviews with ease, working closely with management staff whenever necessary to ensure each response was perfectly aligned with the hotel’s voice.

Positive Reviews


Increase in Review Response Rate

Hours Avg. Response Time

This sample of an expert review response showcases gratitude to the guest for highlighting what they loved most about their stay.

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Rising in the Ranks with Reputation Management


Before partnering with Travel Media Group, Hotel Eleganté did not have a comprehensive means of collecting guest responses and sentiment, and while they were exceptional in handling guest concerns, they were still unable to prevent some guests from taking their concerns to online reviews. As a result, they began their journey with Travel Media Group’s services at rank 57. Their initial partnership included just post-stay emails, and the response was overwhelming with more than 270 guest feedback surveys collected in total. The hotel staff was able to process guest sentiment easily through the intuitive OneView® dashboard, which includes comprehensive analytics for hoteliers to easily see guest sentiment in action. Through reviewing internal guest surveys and analyzing sentiment data, Hotel Eleganté was able to improve further than they were capable of prior, rising to become rank 32 on TripAdvisor – an increase of more than 25 spots.


Increase in Positive TripAdvisor Reviews

Guest Feedback Surveys Collected


Higher Review Score vs. Internal Survey Score


Before we were introduced to Travel Media Group, we had no way, other than paper comment cards, to gauge guest sentiment after check out. We were very good at responding to guest issues, however, we still received negative reviews from guests after check out who did not complain during their stay. No one needs to find out they’re doing a bad job by reading their online reviews. At the time we where [sic] ranked 57th in our city on TripAdvisor. We also had four people assigned to respond to our online reviews. Each month all four would spend between 3 to 7 hours on those responses. Chris from Travel Media Group sold us on his service, and it wasn’t easy. I was resistant, however, Chris showed how much he could help. We originally just signed up for post-stay emails. We got so many that we quickly became overwhelmed, so we added the response piece after the first month. Once we let them respond to our online reviews, it enabled the team to focus on the negative surveys. The results have been fantastic. By not having to take time responding to all of our online reviews we were able to focus on resolving the issue with the displeased guests who shared their displeasure via Travel Media Group’s departure email. This enables us to engage the displeased guest often before they posted on social media and gave us more time to fix the issues generating the complaints.

We’ve moved up 26 spots on TripAdvisor to 32 and are able to use the time we used responding to complaints to actually working on resolutions for our complaint generators. I would not hesitate to recommend Travel Media Group to any hotelier.

Ed Okvath
Hotel Eleganté Conference & Event Center

Results with TMG Are “Fantastic!”

Through Respond & Resolve™ and expert reputation management, Travel Media Group’s partnership with Hotel Eleganté showed incredible results within months. TMG has helped create more windows of opportunity for the staff at Hotel Eleganté to address guest concerns, both in the moment and post-stay, leading to higher rates of guest satisfaction across the board.

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