Ramada Kissimmee Gateway, Kissimmee, FL

Hotel’s Partnership Has Seen Growth in Positive Reviews and Market Share

Located close to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, Ramada Kissimmee Gateway is a popular vacation destination in the Orlando area. With so many unique guests to serve, they needed a way to continue to maintain their online presence and review flow. Their partnership with Travel Media Group began in December 2017, and since then, they’ve been able to grow their property’s reputation and social media presence all while improving their property.

Since starting, they have achieved:


A 77.5% increase in 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.


A market-leading pace of positive online feedback.

135% of the market share for reviews.

Follower and engagement growth on the hotel’s social media profiles.

Connecting with Guests Through Review Response

Interior hotel room

As a hotel that receives hundreds of domestic and international travelers, it naturally receives hundreds of reviews per month. Partnering with Travel Media Group through the Respond and Resolve™ program helped alleviate the pressure of prompt response. In just two years, response analysts responded to over 11,000 reviews, over 6,000 of which were positive. With well-crafted, professional responses, incoming travelers feel assured that the property is aware of their feedback. Additionally, these responses were posted within 10 hours on average from the time the review was posted online. Minimizing the response time is another great way to reassure travelers that management is listening without sacrificing hotel management’s valuable time attending to new guests coming to stay.

Positive Reviews


Increase in Review Response Rate

Hours Avg. Response Time

These samples of expert review responses showcase both gratitude toward a detailed positive review and addressing a concerned guest’s issues with the property.

Ramada Kissimmee Gateway review response 1
Ramada Kissimmee Gateway review response 2

Gaining Market Share with Reputation Management


Effectively managing a hotel’s reputation in a fiercely competitive market like this area of Orlando is crucial, and the OneView® dashboard makes key information available in many ways. One part of that is by encouraging hoteliers to send post-stay emails to their guests, which invites satisfied travelers to leave a positive review, and those with concerns to write to the hotel directly through an internal survey. The graph pictured displays the difference in score thanks to those surveys. Had they been posted instead as negative reviews, their overall rating online would have followed the blue line. Instead, it follows the top line, with a difference nearing a full star rating for some months. Over the course of 11 months, the hotel had an average review score of 3.6, which was 21% higher than their average internal survey score of 2.97 out of 5.

Ramada Kissimmee Gateway Competitor Stats

Another element of Travel Media Group’s reputation program allows hotels to compare their performance to a selective group of competitors in the area. As a result, Ramada Kissimmee Gateway can easily see how many reviews the selected market received, and what portion they owned. The image shown displays their increase in market share, holding over 130% of the market share for the area and receiving nearly 25% of the reviews in the market. Having more ownership in the market helps Ramada Kissimmee Gateway gain an advantage against their competitors, ultimately earning them more traffic and more bookings. This area of the reputation management tool displays a hotel’s performance against competitors in a month-by-month view, giving management teams the opportunity to monitor the hotel’s progress steadily over time. Combined with other tools like sentiment analysis, it’s possible to draw correlations between commonly tagged items in reviews and the hotel’s overall score.


Increase in Positive TripAdvisor Reviews


Amount of Market Share Held


Higher Review Score vs. Internal Survey Score

Growing Community & Engagement Through Social Media


In just two years of using the Travel Media Group’s social media program, Ramada Kissimmee Gateway has seen steady, consistent growth on its Facebook page. They’ve also had consistent success with the trending posts made to their page, some of which have reached over 800 people. Although Ramada Kissimmee Gateway had their social media set up already, placing it into the hands of a capable social media team helped them gain hundreds of followers and reach larger audiences than before. 

Or More New Page Followers

Or More Reaches Per Post


of Engaged Users Per Month



This is an amazing company who helps me out to the max when it comes to my social media. I have been able to get full, detailed reports on the property to show the department managers what specific areas we need to improve at the property to ensure our guest had a memorable experience. The timely responses to our guest concerns are also great. It helps me out with keeping our guest service experience positive. I love Travel Media Group’s posts on our social media, they are always unique and fun to see. We’re extremely satisfied with this company and how efficient and helpful you are to us and our guests.

Nannette Otero
Ramada by Wyndham Kissimmee Gateway

TMG Solutions are "Efficient and Helpful!"

Through Respond & Resolve™, social media marketing, and reputation management, Ramada Kissimmee Gateway achieved outstanding results for their property while earning back time to spend making connections with their guests on-site.

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