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Hotel ranks 6 out of 154 hotels in Kissimmee

Travel Media Group has helped Royale Parc Suites by Choice Hotels dramatically improve their online reputation over the past six months. Using strategic reputation solutions to influence positive traveler feedback and respond to all reviews on TripAdvisor and OTA websites, Royale Parc Suites has achieved a 100% response rate within 48 hours and ranks as number 6 of 154 hotels in Kissimmee.

Royale Parc Suites

The Challenge

While The Royale Parc Suites offers an exceptional value for travelers to Kissimmee, the hotel faces the challenge of being in a competitive market. There are more than 20 hotels within two miles of the property, all of which are convenient to local attractions. With location being such a big factor in traveler booking decisions for the area, it’s essential to stay competitive. Since 65% of travelers are more likely to book a hotel that responds to reviews, employing a review response strategy could drastically improve the hotel’s occupancy.

The Solution

The goal of beginning a reputation management program was to save time and provide peace-of-mind to hotel management. The program ensures that all reviews receive professional responses within 48 hours of posting. Management at Royale Parc Suites also wanted to increase the quantity and quality of reviews on TripAdvisor, and in turn improve rank and rating in the Kissimmee market. With a dual strategy of increasing positive reviews and responding to 100% of guest feedback, the hotel was able to increase their ranking on TripAdvisor and other OTA websites.

The Royale Parc Suites used all three of Travel Media Group’s strategies for positively managing hotel reputation online: Tracking, Influence and Respond & Resolve.

Review Responses


Response Rate

Hour Resolution Time

Out of 154 Hotels

Strategic Approach to Reputation

Tracking Dashboard

Royale Parc Suites can view all data from TripAdvisor, Google, OTAs and more for the property and their top 5 competitors. This enables them to understand their position in the marketplace in real time.

Reputation Influence Program

The Influence program engages guests post-stay and encourages positive reviews online. By collecting negative feedback on internal surveys, the hotel can connect with disappointed guests directly and provide elevated customer service.

Respond & Resolve

In the first 6 months, 1,030 professional review responses were posted to TripAdvisor, Expedia,,, Orbitz, Google and Travelocity for Royale Parc Suites. Timely responses to guest feedback have improved the overall reputation of the hotel.
R&R Laptop-Quick Stats

Review Responses & Counting

The Results Were Amazing

Through Respond & Resolve, Tracking and Influence, Royale Parc Suites by Choice Hotels achieved significant positive results for their online reputation.

Travel Media provides prompt, professional and personal replies to nearly all sources of guest comments. This service makes reputation management a breeze and saves lots of staff time. Our Reputation Analyst has absolutely become in tune with our hospitality culture, and never fails to provide outstanding service and responses. I highly recommend this service.
Wade Michael

Royale Parc Suites by Choice Hotels

Total Awareness = Reputation Tracking

Positive Reviews = Reputation Influence

100% Response Rate = Respond & Resolve

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