Kings Inn San Diego

Hotel Doubles Revenue Using Reputation Management

Kings Inn San Diego’s online reputation has dramatically improved since partnering with Travel Media Group. Using strategic reputation solutions to influence positive traveler feedback and track reviews across OTAs and review websites, Kings Inn has achieved: 2,436 new TripAdvisor reviews and a net-gain of 86 in city rank.


The Challenge

Kings Inn San Diego is an economy hotel located in the city’s busy Hotel Circle. The property is just a few minutes drive from attractions like Old Town, the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park and SeaWorld, making it a good option for leisure travelers on a budget. While Kings Inn San Diego offers an exceptional value for travelers to San Diego, the hotel faces the challenge of being in a competitive market. There are more than 20 hotels within a few blocks of the property, which is a key factor in traveler booking decisions. 81% of travelers typically reference TripAdvisor when deciding where to stay, so with few reviews and a ranking of 87 out of 270 hotels in San Diego, the property was losing customers to the competition.

The Solution

The goal of beginning a reputation management program was to increase the quantity and quality of reviews on TripAdvisor, and in turn improve rank and rating in the San Diego market. 76% of travelers are willing to pay more for a hotel with a higher review score. By beginning a reputation management program, the hotel was able to earn more positive reviews online and in turn increase occupancy. Through this program, Travel Media Group referred more than 2,300 happy guests to TripAdvisor and Google+, while collecting internal feedback from 1,125 guests who reported their experience. 

Through our Reputation Influence solution, Travel Media Group referred more than 2,300 happy guests to TripAdvisor and Google.

Spot Increase in City Rank


Increase in TripAdvisor Score

Increase in TripAdvisor Reviews

Positive Reviews for Every Negative Review

Strategic Approach to Reputation

Tracking Dashboard

Kings Inn San Diego can view all data from TripAdvisor, Google, OTAs, and more for the property. They can also view up to 5 of their competitors. This enables them to understand their position in the marketplace in real time.

Reputation Influence Program

The Influence program engages guests post-stay and encourages positive reviews online. By collecting negative feedback on internal surveys, the hotel can connect with disappointed guests directly and provide elevated customer service.

Post-Stay Surveys

By collecting negative feedback on internal surveys, the hotel was given the opportunity to connect with the disappointed guest directly and provide elevated customer service. This internal feedback system allowed managers of Kings Inn to better understand negative experiences and address them, without broadcasting them to future travelers online.

R&R Laptop-Quick Stats

Travel Media has provided a platform to share with the travel world the success we’ve achieved at our property. The power of positive reviews has been the biggest reason that we’ve been able to double our revenue in less than 5 years. If you have a property that’s doing most everything right but can’t fill your rooms I highly recommend this program. It’s simple to integrate into your daily operation and the results are phenomenal! The ROI is the best I’ve seen in 25 years with everything else a distant second.

Marco Gastelo

Kings Inn San Diego

Out of 291 Hotels in San Diego

The Results Were Amazing

Through Tracking and Influence, Kings Inn San Diego achieved significant positive results for their online reputation.

Kings Inn San Diego Case Study Reputation Kings Inn San Diego Case Study Reputation

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