Social Media Course 

Learn the basics of social media from creating content and understanding different platforms. Then graduate to more advanced topics such as using social media to boost your SEO and leveraging User Generated Content to promote your property.

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Module 1: Getting Started on Social Media

Hoteliers need a strong foundation on which to build their hotel. Learn why it’s so important to have a social media presence and what guests are looking for online.


Module 2: Social Media Tips and Tricks

We know that being active on social media is super important, but it’s just half the story. The type of content you post and how you engage with your audience is also a huge factor in successfully marketing your hotel on social media. 


Module 3: UGC and Influencers

UGC and Influencer content has taken over social media. In this module, learn how to leverage UGC effectively and use influencer partnerships to enhance brand visibility and revenue growth.


Module 4: Social Media Sites

With different social media platforms, it can be difficult knowing how each one works. We break down each site in order to give hoteliers a clearer picture of how to utilize each one to effectively market their property.


Module 5: Advanced Social Media

Once you fully understand social media and how it works, it’s time to level up! With a variety of topics that help you get even more out of your social media accounts, you’ll be a social pro in no time.


Module 6: Social Listening and SEO

Understanding how to socially listen and use social for SEO is important for hoteliers. In this module, discover how monitoring social conversations can drive SEO success, and master techniques to enhance your hotel’s search visibility and guest engagement.


Module 7: Planning Ahead

Now that you have mastered all aspects of social media, it is time to plan ahead. Learn how to get ready for busy and slow seasons, target specific groups and stand out against competitors.

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